About The Show

Sophia’s Choice: A Golden Girls Lost Episode

The Golden Girls are back and better than ever in this musical drag parody of everyone’s favorite sitcom.  Sophia has won tickets to a swingers cruise and must choose one of the girls to go with her!  Which one of the ladies will impress Sophia the most and get to try her luck on the high seas?!

The show takes place at Club Cafe in a dinner theater setting with food and drink available during the show.  Order dinner during your show, or eat before or after the show in our restaurant, and receive 20% off your meal.

The show stars Blake Siskavich as Dorothy, Joshua Roberts as Rose, Paxton Crystal as Blanche, and Joey Lachimia as Sophia.  Musical numbers were written by Fresh Fruit alumni Peter Gaioni and Michael Gaucher.  The show was written and directed by Michael Gaucher.

Produced by Bitter Bitch Productions